Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gladiator Girl is in the Google eBook Store

Google seems to be getting their ebook store ready for the introduction of Android 3.0 powered tablets. Typical for Google, the Partner Program that lets small publishers and independent authors list their ebooks is in beta. The help topics are scattered, but one persistent afternoon was enough to figure out most of the process. The staff seemed responsive, both in the user forums, and in answering email questions, although answers took two or three days.

The end result is right here, Gladiator Girl, Google ebookstore.

On a side note, unfortunately, the Nook version is still trapped in limbo. Despite two months of helpful sounding email replies and pleasant conversations with eager service reps, the book is still "processing." Until this is resolved, Nook owners should be able to buy and read the Google version. 

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