Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gladiator Girl is Almost Ready

My novel is finished. On Tuesday at two in the afternoon, I crossed off the last item from my list of things I wasn't satisfied with, then printed a few copies for friends who read earlier drafts. Unless they find some show-stopper errors, it's ready to send to Amazon's CreateSpace. I'll be self-publishing for now, or perhaps forever. A friend has taken up the challenge of finding a publisher and agent.

By Tuesday evening, I was shocked to realize I was actually suffering separation anxiety. I couldn't concentrate; I didn't even have the attention span to watch mindless TV, and I couldn't sleep. I ended up spending all night figuring out how to make an epub version of the manuscript.

This project isn't done. Since I'm self-publishing, I need to design a cover. That will be my project for next week. (The book layout is finished. The second-to-last draft was combined with making the book layout, and the last draft was combined with a read through of the layout PDF.)

The title is, Gladiator Girl. It's an alternate reality, action-sports, love story. It is and it isn't exactly what you would expect from that title. Oh, and the author is R. H. Watson. You haven't heard of me, yet (You can't do this without thinking positively.)

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